Performance Autology...to co-create from a joyful and healthy place & space, following your own inner guidance.

Josefina Baez has devised a practice based on her own learning/healing/creating, called "Performance Autology".

It approaches the creative process from the autobiography of the doer. Technically kept to the core, this path is developed in sobriety. The physical, mental and spiritual/conscience realms are researched and nurtured. Sources in this study includes theatre biomechanics, walking, meditation, self-inquiry, calligraphy, toys & games, world dance, music, literature, theatre, popular culture, tea culture, video arts, social, health and healing sciences, among others. Each participant creates his/her own Autology, based on his/her own call. We strive on our diversity. In our path, we get closer and closer to the cycles of nature, with joy, utmost respect and gratefulness. Performance Autology is a safe, fertile and joyous ground to include in one's journey, for the good of all, for the Highest good of all in joy and gratitude.


On Performance Autology:




"Josefina’s work and mine hold immense similarities. We are both black Dominicans, lured by the arts. We both try to communicate what we live, what we see, and what we feel (many times dealing from and in spaces that are not so comfortable neither safe for us). This has made a unique bond between us.

Her vision, expressed inPerformance Autology, was something I needed to experience. It is a sincere and practical tool for everyday's struggles faced by creative people”

- TONY ALMONT* (Musician)

**Dominican singer, musician and composer Tony Almont is considered the most important representative of rock and roll music in the Dominican Republic. In his 30+-year old fruitful creative path as the lead singer and composer of rock group Toque Profundo and solo work, Almont dissects Dominican and Latin American society with his sharp, close to our lives and hearts lyrics, without forgetting a high dose of vital humor.